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Paris is a famous surfer so you can listen with your friends around the world and listen to some music and play different games from our bots and also don't forget to attend parties and events to win some prizes from us and if you want a part of us, do not mind to apply to be a companion and within our special families this And all just in Paris. Join us now!!

🌊 Welcome to Paris - The Ultimate Surfing Destination! 🏄‍♂️

Embark on a thrilling journey with Paris, your go-to destination for surf enthusiasts worldwide! 🌏 Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of music, games, and the camaraderie of global friends. 🎶🎮 Join our vibrant community, where the waves of entertainment never cease!

🌟 What Paris Offers:

🎵 Music Extravaganza: Dive into the rhythm and share your favorite tunes with friends across the globe. Paris is the stage for a melody that echoes across borders.

🎮 Game Galore: Engage in exciting games hosted by our bots. Challenge your skills and compete for glory with fellow surfers.

🎉 Parties and Events: Don't miss out on the electrifying parties and events. Join the celebration, and you might just snag some fabulous prizes!

👥 Become a Companion: Want to be an integral part of our community? Apply now to become a companion and join our special family within Paris.

✨ Why Choose Paris:

🌈 Global Connections: Connect with surf enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Share experiences, stories, and the joy of riding the digital waves.

🏆 Prizes and Rewards: Attend events and parties to win exciting prizes. Paris is not just an experience; it's a treasure trove of rewards!

🤝 Special Families: Be a part of exclusive families within Paris, fostering deeper connections and shared experiences.

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Server Rules:

Respect Everyone: Treat every member with kindness and respect. Harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, or background will not be tolerated.

No Spamming: Avoid excessive messages, symbols, or repeated content. Keep the chat enjoyable for everyone.

No NSFW Content: Refrain from posting or discussing explicit or NSFW content. Keep the server environment suitable for all ages.

Stay On Topic: Keep discussions relevant to the designated channels. Off-topic discussions may be redirected.

No Advertising: Do not promote external products, services, or other Discord servers without permission from the admins.

Use Appropriate Channels: Post content in the appropriate channels. If unsure, ask a moderator for guidance.

Respect Privacy: Do not share personal information about yourself or others without consent.

Follow Discord Terms of Service: Adhere to Discord's community guidelines and terms of service.

Listen to Staff: Follow instructions from moderators and administrators. Disregarding staff may result in disciplinary action.

Have Fun: Lastly, enjoy your time on the server! Engage in positive conversations, participate in events, and contribute to the community.

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