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This is the official sewerperson Discord Server! Dedicated to sewerperson/9TAILS persona. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Embark on a musical odyssey within the Sewerperson (official) Discord server—a dedicated space for fans of the artist formerly known as 9TAILS, the versatile SoundCloud rapper renowned for his distinctive style and dynamic subject matter. Dive into the world of Sewerperson, where beats resonate and discussions flow. This server isn't just a community; it's the official hub for all things Sewerperson, a place where Canadian artist enthusiasts and music lovers alike converge to celebrate creativity.

The Sewerperson (official) Discord server exists with a singular purpose—to bring together fans of Sewerperson, fostering a vibrant community centered around his music and artistry. As a SoundCloud rapper recognized for his versatility and collaborations with producers like Eric Godlow and JabariOnTheBeat, Sewerperson's influence permeates this digital haven.

Within this server, members are invited to dive deep into discussions about Sewerperson's eclectic style, explore the nuances of his subject matter, and share insights into his collaborations. It's not just a place for admiration; it's a melting pot of ideas, conversations, and shared enthusiasm for Sewerperson's musical journey.

And here's the cherry on top—Sewerperson himself occasionally graces the server, joining voice chats to engage directly with the community. It's a unique opportunity for fans to interact with the artist, adding an extra layer of intimacy to the Sewerperson (official) Discord experience.

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Respectful Interaction: Treat fellow members and Sewerperson with respect and kindness. Disagreements are natural, but maintaining a positive environment is crucial for fostering a vibrant community.

Focused Discussions: Keep discussions centered around Sewerperson's music and related topics. While diverse conversations are encouraged, maintaining the server's focus ensures a cohesive and enriching experience for everyone.

Appropriate Content Sharing: Keep discussions and shared content within the boundaries of appropriateness. This includes refraining from spam, explicit content, or any form of harassment.

Engage Responsibly: Actively participate in discussions, events, and activities related to Sewerperson. The server thrives when members contribute positively to the community.

Welcoming Atmosphere: Embrace new members and foster a welcoming atmosphere. Everyone, regardless of their familiarity with Sewerperson's work, should feel encouraged to join the conversation.

As you venture into the Sewerperson (official) Discord server, get ready for a sonic journey, engaging discussions, and the potential to interact directly with the artist himself. Join the community where the beats never stop, and the passion for Sewerperson's music unites fans from all corners of the digital world. Dive in and explore the rhythm of Sewerperson's artistic universe today!

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