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Vapor95 is a company and community that embraces fashion, music, aesthetic and creativity. Join us!
Step into the vibrant world of Vapor95, where fashion, music, aesthetics, and creativity converge to create a unique and welcoming community. As the official server for Vapor95.com, this Discord space is more than just a platform; it's a portal to a universe where enthusiasts gather to celebrate individuality and style. Whether you're a seasoned Vaporwave aficionado or just dipping your toes into the world of aesthetic appreciation, Vapor95's server is the place to be.

At Vapor95, the server's purpose extends beyond being a mere digital meeting point. It's a dynamic hub where diverse interests come together seamlessly. Dive into conversations about cutting-edge fashion trends, share your favorite tunes, or showcase your latest creative endeavors. The server isn't just about products; it's a playground for inspiration and self-expression. With an open marketplace for buying and selling various items, Vapor95 fosters a community that values both individuality and collective creativity.

As the official server for Vapor95.com, members gain exclusive access to weekly giveaways, offering the chance to snag a $50 GIFTCARD to elevate their aesthetic experience. The server's commitment to creating a positive environment is evident through its Level 3 boosted status and official partnership, ensuring a smooth and engaging space for everyone.

A unique leveling system adds an extra layer of excitement, providing rewards and prizes as members climb the tiers. Beyond the social aspects, various bots stand ready to enhance your experience, making interaction even more enjoyable. Whether you're here for the giveaways, the marketplace, or simply to connect with like-minded individuals, Vapor95's server has something for everyone.

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Respect and Inclusivity: Treat fellow members with kindness and respect. Discrimination and disrespectful behavior have no place here.

Content Guidelines: Keep discussions and content within the boundaries of appropriateness. This includes refraining from spam, explicit content, or any form of harassment.

Marketplace Etiquette: If you're engaging in the marketplace, ensure transactions are fair and transparent. Follow any additional guidelines provided to maintain a trustworthy environment.

Bot Interaction: While bots add fun to the server, use them responsibly. Avoid spamming or disrupting the flow of conversation with excessive bot commands.

Adherence to Discord Terms: Members are expected to adhere to Discord's terms of service. Any violations may result in appropriate actions, including moderation or removal from the server.

By adhering to these rules, members contribute to Vapor95's commitment to fostering a community that embraces creativity, individuality, and shared passion. Join us at Vapor95 Discord – where the aesthetic journey unfolds!

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