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Official server of Desi Gamers. Join to hangout and socialize .

The primary purpose of this server is to create a community where members can come together, engage, and interact through various games, discussions, and events. The server aims to provide a structured communication environment within the framework of established rules, fostering a sense of respect, tolerance, and a positive atmosphere.

Channels dedicated to gaming discussions, events, tournaments, and shared content encourage members to connect around common interests. The server's goal is to promote interaction among members through gaming-related activities, discussions, and other interesting topics.

Furthermore, the server moderators take necessary measures to ensure the community's regular and healthy growth, facilitating positive interactions among members and maintaining the server's alignment with its defined objectives.

In conclusion, the purpose of this server is to build a community around gaming and other shared interests, allowing members to connect with each other and fostering a healthy communication environment.

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Be respectful:
Treat everyone with respect, and avoid any form of hate speech. This includes discrimination based on religion, sexuality, gender, etc. Prohibited content includes sexual comments, harassment, pornography, gore, death, extreme violence, self-harm or harm to others, threats, bullying, and animal cruelty. Trolling is also not permitted.

Do not spam the chats:
Spam includes excessive use of emojis, caps spam, excessive Discord formatting, messages designed to interrupt or derail conversation, posting the same message across multiple channels, and inciting spam. Ensure that the right content is posted in the appropriate channels, and all conversations should be in English or Hindi using only English characters.

Don't be offensive and racist:
Avoid toxic behavior, racism, hate speech, cursing, vulgar language, and adult conversations. Remember that it's a public server, and some members may be younger. Pornographic, adult, or other NSFW material is strictly prohibited.

Do not attempt to impersonate/roleplay:
Refrain from faking your identity, gender, or impersonating other users by changing usernames or through any other means. While helping other members is encouraged, do not falsely imply that you have a role or position of authority.

No advertising of any kind:
Avoid sending unsolicited DMs or ads to other members. Do not advertise or link to other Discord servers, and refrain from sharing links to questionable sites.

No self or user bots:
Using self or user bots may violate Discord's Terms of Service. If you need a bot for a specific purpose, utilize one of the bots already available in the server.

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