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An active and welcoming community for anyone wanting to learn & improve their art or share & enjoy art!

Art Room is a place for many creative minds to share their great creations (Art, Music, Writing & more). After 4+ years of existing we've been able to maintain a rich & fun community for artist and non artist alike. We welcome you on our journey of endless server growth!

We occasionally host class room sessions and events!

Server Purpose 🚀
Art Room is not just a server; it's a journey of endless creativity and growth. Our purpose is to create a supportive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and the showcasing of great creations. From stunning visual art to soul-stirring music and captivating writing, our server is a melting pot of diverse talents. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a newcomer exploring your creative side, Art Room is here to inspire, motivate, and provide a platform for your artistic expression.

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Server Rules 📜✨
To ensure that Art Room remains a positive and respectful space for everyone, we have a few rules in place:

Respect Each Other 🤝: Treat fellow members with kindness and respect. We celebrate diversity and encourage constructive conversations.

Share Your Passion, Not Spam 🚫: While we love seeing your creations, avoid excessive self-promotion. Let's maintain a balance between sharing and engaging with others.

Participate in Events 🎉: Join our classroom sessions and events to connect with the community. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn, share, and grow together.

Keep it Safe and SFW 🔒: Art Room is an inclusive space, so keep content safe for all audiences. Any explicit or inappropriate material will not be tolerated.

Celebrate Diversity 🌈: Embrace the different forms of art and creativity. Everyone's unique perspective adds value to our community.

Join Art Room today and be a part of a community that celebrates the endless possibilities of artistic expression. Whether you're here to showcase your work, learn from others, or simply enjoy the creative journey, you're welcome in our ever-expanding realm of imagination! 🎉🎨✨

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