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"Mortal Kombat" is a fighting game series developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The series, first released in 1992, has expanded over the years and is known for its original roster of fighters, realistic and bloody combat scenes, and iconic finishing moves called Fatality. The addition of a story mode enhances the universe with character depth. Players can engage in worldwide online multiplayer battles through various online modes. "Mortal Kombat" is also popular in global tournaments and professional competitive scenes.

Entertainment and Excitement: The game is filled with fast-paced and competitive fighting scenes. Players experience thrilling moments as they battle against each other with fighters possessing unique abilities.

Enhanced Graphics and Animations: The series utilizes evolving graphic technologies to provide realistic character designs and impressive animations. This delivers a visual spectacle for players.

Unique Characters and Stories: Each fighter comes with a distinctive character design and story. The game offers players the opportunity to experience various personalities.

Competitive Atmosphere: Competition in both online and offline modes allows players to face others and test their skills. Tournaments provide an exciting platform for professional competitive players.

Legendary Finishing Moves (Fatality): One of the most recognized features of the game is that each fighter has a unique Fatality move. These special finishing moves contribute to the iconic nature of the game by dramatically eliminating opponents.

Universal Popularity: With its long history and cultural impact, "Mortal Kombat" has a broad global fan base. The game appeals to various player demographics.

Strategic Fighting Mechanics: The game requires skill not only in beating opponents but also in strategically using abilities and combos. This allows players to develop fighting strategies and gain mastery.

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Round System: Matches usually consist of a series of rounds. A player wins the overall match by winning a certain number of rounds.

Health Bars: The health status of players is typically indicated by health bars displayed at the top or bottom of the screen. If a player's health bar is depleted, the opposing player wins the round.

Time Limit: Matches generally need to be completed within a specified time. When time runs out, the player with more round wins or more health is declared the winner.

Special Moves: Each character has unique special moves. This gives characters different abilities and tactics.

Finishing Moves (Fatality): One of the most iconic features of the game, Fatality allows players to eliminate their opponents in an extremely dramatic and impactful manner.

Tournament Rules: Competitive play and tournaments often have specific rules. These may include bans on certain characters, special move combinations, and other regulations in a professional tournament setting.

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