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Free Roaming and Exploration: Players can freely roam in the open world of Los Santos, explore different areas in the city, and interact with other players.

Missions and Story: GTA Online offers various missions to players. These missions can include heists, races, challenging battles, and story-based tasks. Players can participate in these missions to earn money and increase their player levels.

Property Acquisition and Progression: Players can purchase homes, vehicles, businesses, and other properties with in-game currency. These properties help players expand their in-game assets and abilities.

Multiplayer Activities: GTA Online allows players to engage in various multiplayer activities with other players. They can join competitive or cooperative events with friends or other online players.

Custom Vehicles and Modifications: Players can buy various vehicles and customize them. They can optimize their vehicles for races, add weapons, or paint them in different colors.

Earning Money and Economy: Players can earn in-game money by completing missions, managing properties, or engaging in trade with other players. This money allows them to acquire more equipment, vehicles, or properties.

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1 • Refrain from using languages other than English.

2 • Refrain from discussing any politically charged or inflammatory topics.

3 • NSFW or objectionable content of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure if it is NSFW, you shouldn't post it.

4 • Be mindful of channels and their uses; read the channel descriptions and take notice.

5 • Uphold mature conversations and respect each other; excessive profanity, hate speech or any kind of harrassment will not be tolerated. This includes spam, as well as toxic and aggressive behavior.

6 • Spoiler tags are enabled to discuss content that other members may not want to see. Abuse of spoiler tags is prohibited.

7 •Nicknames must be able to be mentioned. Special characters, Zalgo, emojis, and others are prohibited.

> **8 •** Alternate accounts are prohibited. Ban evasion will have all accounts permanently banned.

9 • Impersonation of other users, bots, or public figures is prohibited.

10 • Advertising, begging and trading are prohibited. Exceptions apply to trading of strictly in-game GTA content or services (e.g., "Help me sell crates and I will help you with your heists").

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