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Hello! Welcome to the Los Angeles Chief's Office #Again host! This server is located in the en-US region and currently has 2380 members. You can find fun events and various chat rooms on this server, which was established on 18/10/2023. You can have a pleasant time by joining us! Join the team and start RPing. This is the Official LAPD server. [WE WOULD BE HAPPY IF YOU MADE SUPPLEMENT]

Merhaba! Los Angeles Chief's Office #Again sunucusuna hoş geldin! Bu sunucu, en-US bölgesinde bulunmakta ve şu anda 2380 üyeye sahiptir. 18/10/2023 tarihinde kurulmuş olan bu sunucuda, eğlenceli etkinlikler ve çeşitli sohbet odaları bulabilirsin. Aramıza katılarak keyifli vakit geçirebilirsin! Join the team and start RPing. This is the Official LAPD server. [WE WOULD BE HAPPY IF YOU MADE SUPPLEMENT]

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:Blueline: :Lspdrozeti: :lspd4::krmzmaviakar: Rules ## 🛡️ Stay safe! ### 1️⃣ This server does not give away free Nitro or Badges. Do not ask or ping anyone for free Nitro with this request. ### 2️⃣ Staff on this server cannot manage Trust and Security issues. This is not a general support server. We cannot investigate reports or take action on allegations of abuse. If you are concerned about a user's behavior please [use our in-app reporting feature]( ). If you want to appeal the ban, please [submit a support request]( ). For server-related moderation issues, please send a DM to the server modmail bot. Please see #security for more information. ## 💬 Stay Up to Date ### 3️⃣ Stick to channel topics Continue discussions about the Discord API, coding, and technology and discuss in appropriate channels. If you're looking for a more general discussion [visit our Town Hall server]( ). ### 4️⃣ Please keep the chat and questions in English only. If you need help in another language, please [contact our support team]( ) and an international team member will assist you further. ## :wumpheart: Respect Others ### 5️⃣ Do not post material that is harmful, offensive or obscene. This includes viruses, pornographic images/links, links to Discord servers containing the above, link shorteners, etc. is included. Usernames, nicknames, profile images, banners, biographies and statuses must not display any harmful, offensive or obscene material. Violation of this rule may result in an immediate and permanent ban and abusive nicknames will be changed. ### 6️⃣ Do not use inappropriate language. This includes excessive profanity, racial slurs, intentional provocation of others, etc. is included. Violation of this rule will result in an appropriate inspection. ### 7️⃣ Do not spam or mention anyone, including staff. Excessive messaging or mentioning of members, moderators, or Discord staff can get you kicked or banned. Don't ping staff or moderators for code help. When sharing large blocks of code, please use a hosting service to avoid false positive spam silencing. ### 8️⃣ Advertising of Discord servers, programs, websites or services is prohibited. This includes DMing unsolicited invites, referral links, or setting your custom status as an invite. The exception to this rule is sharing links when actually collaborating or helping others with their code on appropriate server channels. Content in links to shared coding projects will be moderated and must comply with all server rules.:Krmzakar: ・LAPD Sunucu Kuralları | LAPD Server Guidelines. :Krmzakar:

1️⃣ ・Discord Topluluk Kuralları'na (https://discord.com/terms) uyun.
:Olumlu: ・Follow the Discord Community Guidelines (https://discord.com/terms).

2️⃣ ・ Cinsel içerikler veya +18 içerikler paylaşmayınız.
:Olumlu: ・Do not share sexual content or +18 content.

3️⃣ ・Ölüm, yaralama ve zarar verici konuları bulundurmayın.
:Olumlu: ・Do not keep death, injury and damaging subjects.

4️⃣ ・Yalan haberleri yayıp yanlış bilgiler vermeyiniz.
:Olumlu: ・Do not spread false news and give false information.

5️⃣ ・Dil, din, ırk ayrımı yapmayınız.
:Olumlu: ・Do not discriminate based on language, religion or race.

6️⃣ ・Kanalları gereği dışı kullanmayınız.
:Olumlu: ・Do not use channels unnecessarily.

7️⃣ ・Spam, flood, küfür, gereksiz spoiler veya aşırı caps kullanmayın.
:Olumlu: ・Do not use spam, floods, profanity, unnecessary spoilers or excessive caps.

8️⃣ ・Epileptik emojiler veya nsfw içeren profil resimlerinin bulunmasını istemiyoruz.
:Olumlu: ・We don't want epileptic emojis or profile pictures.

9️⃣ ・Rolleri,üyeleri,yetkilileri boş yere etiketlemeyiniz.
:Olumlu: ・Do not mention roles, members, authorities in vain.

🔟 ・Referans linklerinizi paylaşmayınız.
:Olumlu: ・Do not share your reference links.

:dikkat: Not: LAPD ile hiçbir resmi bağlantımız yoktur. Bu sunucu kâr amacı gütmeyen bir topluluk kuruluşudur. Eğer bir Discord çalışanıysanız ve bu konuda bir problem yaşıyorsanız lütfen @hazealy ile iletişime geçiniz. Teşekkür ederiz.

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