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Step into the heart of innovation at the Botpress Community Discord server – a dynamic space where tech enthusiasts, developers, and those intrigued by the potential of AI-powered automation converge. Whether you're currently crafting with the Botpress Cloud or simply fascinated by the possibilities of AI, this server is your go-to gathering place. Join us for lively discussions, collaborative programming sessions, and expert insights into the world of AI-powered automation.

Our central mission is to foster a vibrant community that goes beyond just building with the Botpress Cloud. We welcome everyone keen on exploring the vast potential of AI-powered automation. Engage with fellow community members in live debugging sessions and programming endeavors, even if you're a novice with no coding experience. The Botpress team stands ready to provide invaluable best practices, tips, and resources, ensuring that everyone can harness the power of Botpress for seamless automation.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or someone intrigued by the possibilities of AI, our community serves as a collaborative hub where ideas flourish, questions find answers, and the potential of Botpress is unlocked. Join us to be a part of the future of AI-powered automation.

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nclusive Atmosphere:

Maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment for all community members. Respect diversity and encourage constructive interactions.
Focus on AI and Botpress:

Keep discussions centered around AI, Botpress Cloud, and related topics. Off-topic conversations may be redirected to designated channels.
Live Programming Etiquette:

Embrace the collaborative spirit during live programming sessions. Whether a seasoned coder or a beginner, contribute positively to the collective learning experience.
Respect for All Skill Levels:

Recognize and appreciate varying levels of expertise. From beginners to experts, everyone has a valuable perspective in our community.
Best Practices and Tips:

Engage in discussions about best practices, tips, and resources related to building and automating with Botpress. Share your insights and learn from others.
No Spam or Self-Promotion:

Refrain from spamming channels or engaging in unauthorized self-promotion. Meaningful contributions are encouraged.
Botpress Team Interaction:

Welcome the guidance of the Botpress team. They are here to share best practices, answer queries, and contribute to the community's growth.
Follow Discord Guidelines:

Adhere to Discord's general guidelines and terms of service. Any violations may result in moderation actions.

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