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Maximizing Rewards: How to Complete the Genshin Impact V4.6 Discord Quest

Maximizing Rewards: How to Complete the Genshin Impact V4.6 Discord Quest
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Maximizing Rewards: How to Complete the Genshin Impact V4.6 Discord Quest

In the vast world of Teyvat, adventurers embark on thrilling quests and challenges in the land of Genshin Impact. As the winds of adventure blow, Discord presents an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their journey with exclusive rewards through the V4.6 Quest. In this guide, we'll delve into the promotion terms, quest completion steps, redemption instructions, and address common inquiries to ensure every traveler maximizes their rewards.

Unveiling the Promotion Terms         

The V4.6 Quest offers a treasure trove of rewards, including Mora, Sanctifying Unction, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Hero's Wit, and for the fortunate first 300k users, Primogems. However, eligibility hinges on being in regions where Genshin Impact is available and having access to Discord's Gift Inventory.

Navigating the Quest: How to Complete

To embark on this quest, adventurers must stream their Genshin Impact gameplay for a minimum of 15 minutes via the Discord desktop app. It's crucial to select the game application for streaming and ensure at least one friend is actively watching the stream. The steps are straightforward:

  1. Launch the Game: Begin your adventure in Genshin Impact.
  2. Initiate Discord Voice Call: Navigate to a direct message, group chat, or server on Discord and start a voice call or join a voice channel.
  3. Select Screen Share: Click on the Screen Share icon in the voice status panel and choose the game application.
  4. Go Live: When ready, press Go Live to start streaming your gameplay.

Claiming Your Rewards: Redemption Instructions

Upon completing the 15-minute stream, adventurers will receive a Gift Code in their Discord Gift Inventory. To claim the rewards in-game, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Official Website: Head to the official Genshin Impact website's code redemption page and log in to your game account.
  2. Enter Redemption Code: Input the redemption code received from Discord.
  3. Receive Rewards: Enjoy your bundle of treasures delivered via in-game mail.

Addressing Common Queries

  1. Quest Redemption Limit: Each Discord account can redeem one of each available Quest campaign.
  2. Regional Availability: Quests may not be accessible in all regions due to terms and conditions.
  3. Mobile App Limitation: The Quest feature is exclusive to the desktop and browser app.
  4. Privacy Concerns: Refer to Discord's Privacy Policy for insights into data usage.
  5. Linux Compatibility: Currently, Quest rewards cannot be earned on Linux devices, with efforts underway for a resolution.


The V4.6 Discord Quest in Genshin Impact offers a thrilling opportunity for adventurers to augment their journey with valuable rewards. By adhering to the promotion terms, completing the quest steps diligently, and following the redemption instructions, players can unlock a treasure trove of in-game benefits. Embrace the spirit of adventure, embark on your quest, and let the winds guide you towards abundant riches in Teyvat.

For more information and to embark on your quest, visit the Discord Quest Help Center and set sail for adventure today!


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