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Leveraging Discord Channel Following for Seamless League of Legends Updates

Leveraging Discord Channel Following for Seamless League of Legends Updates
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Leveraging Discord Channel Following for Seamless League of Legends Updates

In the realm of online gaming, staying updated with the latest news and announcements is crucial for enthusiasts. Discord, a popular communication platform among gaming communities, offers a feature called Channel Following, allowing users to receive updates from specific channels directly into their own servers. For League of Legends players, this feature can be a game-changer in staying abreast of new updates, patches, and announcements from the official Riot Games server.

New to Discord?

For those unfamiliar with Discord, it serves as a hub for gamers and communities to communicate via text, voice, and video. If you're new to Discord, fret not; there are plenty of guides available to help you navigate through the platform. From installation guides to setting up servers and joining channels, Discord provides comprehensive resources to get you started on your gaming journey.

Channel Following

The crux of this article lies in understanding and utilizing the Channel Following feature. With Channel Following, League of Legends players can subscribe to the Announcement Channel in the official League of Legends server. This channel, marked with a distinctive Megaphone icon, serves as the primary source for all major announcements related to the game.

By utilizing the Follow option, users can seamlessly integrate these announcements into their own servers. Whether you're a member of a gaming clan, a group of friends, or a community dedicated to League of Legends, having these updates delivered directly to your server eliminates the need to constantly check external sources for news.

Adding It To Your Server

Implementing Channel Following is straightforward. Users with the "Manage Webhooks" permission in their servers can simply click the Follow button in the Announcement Channel of the League of Legends server. From there, they can choose the specific server and channel where they want the announcements to appear.

Once configured, a designated bot will deliver the announcements directly into the chosen channel. It's like having a personal assistant keeping you informed about all things League of Legends, without the hassle of manual tracking.

How To Remove Followed Posts

Flexibility is key with Channel Following. If, for any reason, users wish to stop receiving updates from a particular server, they can easily unfollow it. By accessing Server Settings > Integrations > Channels Followed, users can locate the corresponding bot and remove it from their server, thus halting the delivery of updates.

Official Riot Game Discord Servers

In addition to the League of Legends server, Riot Games hosts official Discord servers for other titles like Legends of Runeterra, VALORANT, and Teamfight Tactics. These servers provide dedicated spaces for fans to engage with each other, receive updates, and participate in community events.

Discord Support

For any queries or issues encountered while using Discord or Channel Following, users can always reach out to Discord's support team. Their dedicated support ensures that users have a smooth and enjoyable experience while utilizing the platform's features.

Discord's Channel Following feature offers a convenient way for League of Legends players to stay updated with the latest announcements from the official Riot Games server. By integrating these updates directly into their own servers, players can streamline their gaming experience and focus more on what truly matters – playing and enjoying the game.

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