A best quality music bot which makes you to feel the music and its beats. It supports YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud & more. All commands using /help. Commands List: /Play : Play the song or add it to queue [/play] /Pause : Pause the song /Resume : Resume the song /Queue : Displays the queue /Skip : Skip to the next song or any song in queue /skipto : Skips to a certain position in the queue /Volume : Change the volume [vol] /Autoplay : Toggle autoplay /Nowplaying : Displays info about the song [np] /Replay : Replay the current song. [rp] /filters : To view all filters /lyrics : Gets the lyrics of the current playing song [ly] /Ping: Get the bot latency /Loop : Repeat the queue or the song /Shuffle : Shuffles the queue /join : Summons the bot to the voice channel you are in. /Leave : Leave the channel & stops the song /invite : To invite the bot to your server [link] /slap lets you slap the person you specify /lic


サーバー数: 11.600
追加されました: 2024 年 前


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