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EN Language As you now, people can’t stop listening to music their Daily lives. So we created the "White Music" project to give people a practical way to their daily lives. The bot of this application comes to the forefront.Shortly “White Music” is a Discord’s bot. As you know, people join a number of platforms to meet the needs of listening to music in their daily lives. The purpose of this bot is to reject these platforms directly and connect them to a single platform, to connect them with Discord. It may be a little ironic, but the bot is legally draws music from other platforms, which is the right thing to do. As you briefly know, Discord bots are often used in commands. So we didn't go out of this current and configured the "Music Provider" Discord bot as a Discord bot that allows people to listen to the music they want. That's what we can say superficially. Now let's explain the features of the boat in depth. This bot

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