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I am a bot that will help you download and upload emojis from any server! The only downside is that a **Nitro** subscription is required, as without it you won’t be able to send emojis from other servers. By the way, downloading emojis doesn’t require special permissions, but to upload them through the bot, you need a role with permission to manage emojis. My commands: - help - View bot commands and possible questions. - lang - Change the bot's language (currently only Russian and English are available). - emojis - Download emojis, after which they can be uploaded to the server with one click (up to 15 emojis at a time). - sticker - Download a sticker, which can also be uploaded with one click. - reactions - Download all reactions from a message. - status - Download emojis from other users statuses. P.S. If the bot doesn’t respond to commands, try giving it permission to read messages in the channel.


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